Fort Worth Music Mastering at Allegro Sound Lab

Mastering Music in Fort Worth & Globally!!

Mastering, the black voodoo of the audio industry. "Is it really necessary? ..Definitely!  "Can't I just normalize everything on my PC and it's mastered?"  Uh....No !!!

Mastering your music is the final step of production before your CD goes to duplication. It is the over all feel of your CD. Levels are matched and brought up the highest point before distortion, EQ is applied, if needed, to make each song flow from one to another, and order/spacing is applied in the mastering stage. There are no real rules, just another set of ears on your CD that can fix consistency problems before duplication. True music mastering is what separates Local production sound from Nationaly produced music. How many times has someone given you a CD and while you are listening to it you have to turn up the music from song to song, or worse, you have to adjust the low or high end eq to match the last song played? Music mastering fixes these issues and makes your CD flow from one song to the next without distracting differences.

Fort Worth's Allegro Sound Lab has mastered hundreds of projects. A simple search on google for our Chief Engineer, Aarom Meador, will bring up pages and pages of professional clients that have worked with us in the mastering stage of production. Again, Allegro Sound Lab in Fort Worth, Texas was designed to offer "Radio Ready" masters. We are not simply using Pro Tools with the nearest limiter plug-in and calling your project mastered. We use real mastering equipment such as the TC Electronics System 6000, Analog Tape machines, & Compressors.  All of this matched with industry standard tricks and techniques to ensure your master will stand toe to toe with any competition. We stand behind our mastering 100% - meaning; you won't be disappointed when the DJ gives your music a spin in the club, or on the radio because once your material is mastered by Allegro Sound Lab it will sound as good, if not better, than the song played before and after!

Music Mastering Specifications:

Technical Specifications:
Split Stereo File (.L/.R) 24bit (preferred) or 16bit, 44.1/48/96/192khz, Data Not Audio formatted CD or DVDs

File Formats Accepted
Physical Media: Data CD/DVD, 1/2" 2 trk Analog Tape
Digital Files: Wav, AIFF, SDII

Technical Notes:
Please remove all output compression or eq before "bouncing or saving to file" when preparing your mix masters for the mastering process including any use of the waves L1 - L3 plug-ins. When creating a CD for delivering your mixes for mastering please make your CD a mac/pc compatible data disc not an audio CD - Creating an audio CD causes your files to be down sampled and bit depth converted. 

Information Needed When Sending Project for Music Mastering Through Mail or Online:
***Once we receive your mix masters one of our engineers will load your project, evaluate the music for mastering, and then contact you with details of your project before starting the mastering process.
Client Name
Client Contact Information Including Address, Email, and Phone Number
Project Title
Song Names in Correct Order to be Used for Order Sequence of Final CD Master
ISRC Codes (If you have them)
Record Label or Publishing Company Name (If Signed)
A Check or Money Order for 50% of Project Price - Please make checks out to Allegro Sound Lab - Remaining Balance Due Once Reference Masters Delivered.