Fort Worth Recording Studio - Mixing

Allegro Sound Lab - MixingAllegro Sound Lab is the premier room in the Ft. Worth area for mixing any musical project. Big words, yes! Confident, yes! Cocky, NO! We can back up what we say. We have awards, we have mix examples, and we have the staff to get the sound out of your head and on to CD the way YOU want to hear it. Allegro Sound Lab was built to mix major label records. The control room has enough space to let your mixes be heard, our engineers have picked every piece of gear with mixing in mind and we didn't just buy what we could afford.

Allegro Sound Lab mixes on a real analog console, uses appogee digital to analog converters to preserve that big fat sound of analog when going to CD, and we have analog compressors, eqs, and effects processors to make sure your sound gets the "full anolog"treatment. In addition, we have a TC Electronics System 6000 that is maxed out. This is the premier black box of mixing. It offers the best AD/DA conversion the world, rich reverbs, warm EQs, and a lot more. 

Call today to come have a cup of coffee and listen to what we can do for your sound!

Don't let your mixes go unfinished. Allegro Sound Lab works with home studios on a daily basis. Let us take your recording to the next level by letting us do your mixing duties. We offer great rates, great advise, and we are easy to work with!


$150 Complete
We will mix your song for $150 complete. This means everything, no hidden costs, no extras for final CD, and we mix it until you are 100% satisfied. You pay us nothing until we finish the mix to your expectations! This is for any style of music.