Fort Worth Record Studio

Allegro Sound Lab has one of the largest tracking (Recording) rooms in the Fort Worth area. We can accommodate medium orchestras, church choirs, country/rock/jazz bands, and more. In addition we have 4 isolation booths, two with floor to ceiling windows for great communication while recording with your band. Our rooms are not just big! They have been designed to sound great, record natural sound, and give the musicians line of sight communication with each other, no matter where they are in the room. Allegro Sound Lab - Recording Microphones

Allegro Sound Lab has a "perfect mix" headphone system. This means you can control what you hear in the headphones. You are not stuck with what your band members want to hear or what the recording engineer thinks you might need. You can totally customize your own mix and get in the music, the way you need to play and record at your best.

Allegro Sound Lab has the right microphone to capture any sound. We do not believe in the "cookie cutter," one mic does it all..... Allegro Sound Lab offers microphones from Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Beyer Dynamic, Shure, and many more. With tube, condenser, ribbon, and dynamic mics we can capture the most subtle nuances of any sound, exactly the way you would like them to be heard.

Allegro Sound Lab - Recording studioWith a great room, extensive microphone collection, and a "perfect mix" headphone system; what more could we offer? A real analog recording console! Allegro Sound Lab records through an analog 32 channel recording console that sounds amazing. Why? Because we like the big, round, fat sound that it gives our engineers. Sure, we have a Pro Tools HD system with over 50 Waves plugins. We DO NOT just simply record everything digital and hope to "FIX IT IN THE MIX?". No, we make sure that what goes into Pro Tools sounds warm, rich, and clear before we even think about a final mix!

Allegro Sound Lab offers top of the line engineers, tracking rooms, and recording technology for your next recording project. Give us a call today to book a free tour and listening test so you can hear, as well as feel the difference a professional recording studio can make!