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Waves Diamond Plugins
Award Winning TC System 6000 Effects
Avid & Apogee DA/AD Converters

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Allegro Sound Lab recording roomEvery instrument and voice requires special and unique attention.  Allegro Sound Lab's wide range of acoustical spaces and microphones highlight the natural energy of your performance.  We strive to highlight the true character of your sound at it's source.
Allegro Sound Lab is dedicated to capturing your music, the way you envisioned it.
Allegro Sound Lab Control RoomEver hear the saying, "Can't fit a round peg in a square hole?" Allegro Sound Lab spent time, effort, and resources to ensure we didn't fit a recording studio into a room. Our control room, tracking room, and isolation booths were built from ground up with one objective... Build a professional studio that sounds outstanding!

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Cliff Glenn

Allegro Sound Lab can handle every aspect of your next project in-house. We offer recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, graphic design for your CD cover & insert, and a whole lot more! Give us a call to talk about your project.